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Review: From Folly Cove

Review: From Folly Cove post image

The collection from Julia Farwell-Clay gets its name from the Folly Cove Designers, a group, she says, "of mostly women who collaborated to hand print textiles in Gloucester, Massachusetts, beginning in the 1940s."

Review: 2015 Crafter’s market

Review: 2015 Crafter’s market post image

This is a fabulous reference book. Most people know at least some of the shows and markets available for their own particular niche. They might know about online communities to help spread the word, but nobody knows all of them. (Because, really, is that even possible?) A complete resource that tells you about shows you didn't know about is going to be more than just a little helpful.

Review: Rustic Modern Knits

Review: Rustic Modern Knits post image

Billed as having “23 sophisticated designs,” you know right away that this collection isn’t going to be just standard sweater shapes.

Review: No-Sew Knits

Review: No-Sew Knits post image

A new book from Kristen TenDyke (author of Finish-Free Knits), this time focusing on handknit sweaters that don’t require you to sew anything together.

Review: Modern Country Knits

Review: Modern Country Knits post image

Having just come from a trunk show, I can tell you that the designs are just as gorgeous in person as they are in the pages of the book.

Review: First Frost

Review: First Frost post image

The theme here is "folk" and not specifically "Scandinavia," but in effect it's much the same in this collection of lovely patterns.

Review: Twigg Stitch

Review: Twigg Stitch post image

It's not every knitter who gets to invent an entirely new knitting technique.

Review: Knowledgeable Knitter

Review: Knowledgeable Knitter post image

I love books filled with great patterns, of course. (God knows I've got shelves full of them.) Because how can you not love collections of beautiful photos of garments just waiting for you to make for yourself? They're inspiring and appealing and great to have around. But ... sometimes you simply want more.

Review: Gramma Nancy’s Animal Hats

Review: Gramma Nancy’s Animal Hats post image

Hold on while I get out my thesaurus. Adorable. Delightful. Darling. Dear. Fun. Endearing. How cute is too cute? Because I have to be clear about one thing here--this book is adorable.

Review: Everyday Lace

Review: Everyday Lace post image

It's so easy to think of lace as "fussy" or something to be pulled out for special occasions.

Upcoming Books 2014

Upcoming Books 2014 post image

Fall and Winter are coming, and so are some great new books!

New Books, 2014

New Books, 2014 post image

Since summer is just about over and Fall and Winter are coming ... now seems a good time to point out some great recent books that I haven't had a chance to review.

Review: Knockout Knits

Review: Knockout Knits post image

You can tell this book began as a labor of love. The author tells us right up front that she is "obsessed with innovative knitting techniques" and "adores playing with stitch patterns and constructions that explore the mechanics of knitting."

Review: New American Knits

Review: New American Knits post image

Amy Christoffers has filled this book with patterns--sweaters, wraps, hats, and the usual assortment of accessories--that look fun to knit but will be easy to throw on and wear for years to come.