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Review: Knockout Knits

Review: Knockout Knits post image

First, the facts: Title: Knockout Knits: New Tricks for Scarves, Hats, Jewelry, and Other Accessories Author: Laura Nelkin Published by: Potter Craft, 2014 Pages: 144 Type: Accessories patterns Chapters: 1. Wrapped Stitches at Play 2. Get Your Lace On 3. Beaded Beauties The In-Depth Look: You can tell this book began as a labor of [...]

Review: New American Knits

Review: New American Knits post image

Amy Christoffers has filled this book with patterns--sweaters, wraps, hats, and the usual assortment of accessories--that look fun to knit but will be easy to throw on and wear for years to come.

Review: Wonderlace

Review: Wonderlace post image

This charming book of lace patterns is a self-published creation of the author, Gina House.

Review: Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments post image

First, the facts: Title: Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments: Interlace patterns from around the world in modern knitwear Author: Elsebeth Lavold Published by: Trafalgar Square, 2014 Pages: 189 Type: Patterns and history Chapters: 1. Follow the Threads 2. Read This Before You Knit 3. Loops 4. Rings & Chains 5. Little Knot and Fourknot 6. [...]

Review: New Vintage Lace

Review: New Vintage Lace post image

The author writes, "This book is about embracing knitting tradition without being bound by it. ... For New Vintage Lace, I set out to reinterpret kunststricken for contemporary appeal. Although I take pleasure in knitting doilies and tablecloths, I wanted the projects in this book to attract a wider audience. "

Comfort Afghans E-book

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Did you know the Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans by Norah Gaughan, Margery Winter, and the Berroco Design Team is now available as an ebook? I reviewed the original paper edition here, and still consider this one of the nicest collection of afghans I've seen in a while. While we're at it the Comfort Knitting [...]

Review: Knitting Reimagined

Review: Knitting Reimagined post image

First, the facts: Title: Knitting Reimagined: An Innovative Approach to Structure and Shape with 25 Breathtaking Projects Author: Nicky Epstein Published by: Potter Craft, 2014 Pages: 175 Type: Patterns Chapters: 1. Directions 2. Cool Construction 3. Woven Weaves 4. Stitch Impact The In-Depth Look: One of the things I love best about Nicky Epstein's books [...]

Review: 52 Timeless Toys to Knit

Review: 52 Timeless Toys to Knit post image

It's hard to resist a collection of cute, knitted toys ... so why bother?

Review: Cast On Bind Off (Paperback)

Review: Cast On Bind Off (Paperback) post image

Most of us know only a few ways of starting and stopping our knitting, but this book can change all that.

Blog Tour: Knitted Mitts & Mittens!

Blog Tour: Knitted Mitts & Mittens! post image

An interview with Amy Gunderson, author of "Knitted Mitts & Mittens".

Review: Knitted Mitts and Mittens

Review: Knitted Mitts and Mittens post image

Sometimes, all you really want in life is warm hands.

Paralleloghan Pattern

Paralleloghan Pattern post image

My latest pattern is for sale! It's called a Paralleloghan and it's available at Ravelry.

More Than Just Patterns

More Than Just Patterns post image

I saw this post about why knitting books are really about more than just the patterns over at Donna Druchunas's blog and wanted to share. I pretty much agree with everything she said, and couldn't have put it better myself. Here's a taste to whet your appetite. What makes a knitting book great? It reaches [...]

Review: Woven Scarves

Review: Woven Scarves post image

It should say a lot that, after getting this review copy, I bought myself a rigid heddle loom.