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Review: Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments post image

First, the facts: Title: Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments: Interlace patterns from around the world in modern knitwear Author: Elsebeth Lavold Published by: Trafalgar Square, 2014 Pages: 189 Type: Patterns and history Chapters: 1. Follow the Threads 2. Read This Before You Knit 3. Loops 4. Rings & Chains 5. Little Knot and Fourknot 6. [...]

Review: New Vintage Lace

Review: New Vintage Lace post image

The author writes, "This book is about embracing knitting tradition without being bound by it. ... For New Vintage Lace, I set out to reinterpret kunststricken for contemporary appeal. Although I take pleasure in knitting doilies and tablecloths, I wanted the projects in this book to attract a wider audience. "

Comfort Afghans E-book

Comfort Afghans E-book post image

Did you know the Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans by Norah Gaughan, Margery Winter, and the Berroco Design Team is now available as an ebook? I reviewed the original paper edition here, and still consider this one of the nicest collection of afghans I've seen in a while. While we're at it the Comfort Knitting [...]

Review: Knitting Reimagined

Review: Knitting Reimagined post image

First, the facts: Title: Knitting Reimagined: An Innovative Approach to Structure and Shape with 25 Breathtaking Projects Author: Nicky Epstein Published by: Potter Craft, 2014 Pages: 175 Type: Patterns Chapters: 1. Directions 2. Cool Construction 3. Woven Weaves 4. Stitch Impact The In-Depth Look: One of the things I love best about Nicky Epstein's books [...]

Review: 52 Timeless Toys to Knit

Review: 52 Timeless Toys to Knit post image

It's hard to resist a collection of cute, knitted toys ... so why bother?

Review: Cast On Bind Off (Paperback)

Review: Cast On Bind Off (Paperback) post image

Most of us know only a few ways of starting and stopping our knitting, but this book can change all that.

Blog Tour: Knitted Mitts & Mittens!

Blog Tour: Knitted Mitts & Mittens! post image

An interview with Amy Gunderson, author of "Knitted Mitts & Mittens".

Review: Knitted Mitts and Mittens

Review: Knitted Mitts and Mittens post image

Sometimes, all you really want in life is warm hands.

Paralleloghan Pattern

Paralleloghan Pattern post image

My latest pattern is for sale! It's called a Paralleloghan and it's available at Ravelry.

More Than Just Patterns

More Than Just Patterns post image

I saw this post about why knitting books are really about more than just the patterns over at Donna Druchunas's blog and wanted to share. I pretty much agree with everything she said, and couldn't have put it better myself. Here's a taste to whet your appetite. What makes a knitting book great? It reaches [...]

Review: Woven Scarves

Review: Woven Scarves post image

It should say a lot that, after getting this review copy, I bought myself a rigid heddle loom.

Review: Pack Up the Moon

Review: Pack Up the Moon post image

Well now, I've actually read the book and can tell you what I really think!

Pack Up the Moon is here!

Pack Up the Moon is here! post image

Today is publication day for my friend Rachael Herron's latest book, Pack Up the Moon, and it's time to spread the word.

Review: Cozy Knits

Review: Cozy Knits post image

First, the facts: Title: Cozy Knits: 50 Fast & Easy Projects from Top Designers Author: Tanis Gray Published by: Interweave Press, 2013 Pages: 183 Type: Accessory patterns Chapters: 1. Heartfelt Hats 2. Warm and Wonderful Mittens 3. Cuddly Cowls & Scarves 4. Snuggly Sweaters, Shawls and Shrugs 5. Quick and Clever Gifts The In-Depth Look: [...]