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Review: Last-Minute Knitted Gifts


First, the facts:

Title: Last-Minute Knitted Gifts

Author: Joelle Hoverson

Published by: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2004

Pages: 144

Type: Patterns


1. Introduction
Exploring Color
Knitting Basics
2. Less-than-Two-Hour Gifts
Two-to-Four Hour Gifts
Four-to-Six Hour Gifts
Six-to-Eight Hour Gifts
More-than-Eight-Hour Gifts
3. Wrapping Handknit Gifts
Special Techniques
Recommended Reading, Sources, etc.

Last-Minute Gifts

Pattern Size Range: N/A

The In-Depth Look:

I know, this isn’t a new book, but if you haven’t seen it yet, now’s the time. The Winter Holiday of Your Choice is coming, and this is a great “go to” book for gifts.

I don’t knit gifts very often, but I’ve already made three patterns in this book (or is it four?), and when I need a quick gift, it’s pretty much the first book I reach for.

Hats. Bags. Scarves. Sweaters. Afghans. Booties. Even toys. I wouldn’t say that this book has everything, but it has a really, really nice selection. The projects tend to be straight-forward and clean-lined … but then, with last-minute gifts, who has time for extra ruffles and things? But that also means that they cover a wide range of tastes, so that your gift recipients are likely to love whatever you’ve made them.

Helpfully, the book is broken down by the length of time each project is likely to take–so you won’t get distracted by the Ombre Alpaca Blanket when you need something to bring your hostess tonight. In my experience, the time estimates are pretty much spot on–though I haven’t made everything in the book, so can’t make any guarantees (grin).

One of the other nice touches? The section on gift wrap at the back. The author says: “After putting so much time and thought into creating a handknit gift it’s nice to wrap it in such a way that the recipient knows right away that he or she is getting something special and unique. However, having spent time making a gift, we don’t always have the time to labor over the wrapping. Here are some simple ideas I like to use.”

I like that–and I like the gift wrap ideas even more. While I think that the gift is more important, there’s nothing quite like the anticipation of a beautifully presented gift. It’s the same kind of magic that you get in a movie theater when the lights go down and the music starts … right at that moment, anything is possible. It could be magical, or it could be a bomb, but for one, brief moment–anything is possible.

Really? There’s nothing much I can say that’s bad about this book. The photographs are lovely and helpful (instead of vague or distracting). The instructions are clear. The projects are clean and simple–just the kind you’d expect for a last-minute gift when time is probably of the essence. It’s a helpful pattern book, because it gives you exactly what it promises, and therefore, exactly what you expect.

This book is available at Amazon for $16.47, and if you don’t have a copy in your library (personal or public), it’s definitely one I recommend checking out. Now. While there’s still time before December!

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here

My Gush: A wealth of useful patterns in that they are quick and classic, but knits that make good gifts. That is–who wouldn’t like them?

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  • Chris November 20, 2008, 9:14 am

    This is definitely a great resource.

  • turtle November 20, 2008, 9:20 am

    i have looked through this book and found many items that would be nice as gifts.

    turtle´s last blog post..ME and pimping again!

  • LittleWit November 20, 2008, 9:27 am

    I very much like this book.I have made each of the Lovable Toys, Drawstring Pouch, one of the hats and the chevron scarf. All of the items have been well received thus far (two of the toys are on this year’s gift list). For new/slower knitters the times may be off. But if you allow yourself say a week of casual knitting for the 8 hour gifts you should be fine.

    LittleWit´s last blog post..Brendan 50/50 Raffle

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