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Review: The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook


First, the facts:

Title: The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook

Author: Lynne Vogel

Published by: Interweave Press, 2002

Pages: 92

Type: Dyeing, Spinning, Knitting


1. Color and Dyeing
2. From Fiber to Yarn
3. Knitting Socks

Twisted Sisters Socks

Pattern Size Range: N/A

The In-Depth Look:

This is one of those kinds of books that almost makes you rethink everything you know about knitting.

It was written in 2002, at just about the time that sock knitting started becoming popular, and spinning hadn’t taken off. Seven years ago, most people who knit automatically headed to their local yarn shop or craft store to buy yarn–the concept of making their own was still new. (New to our generation, that is. Obviously, people have been spinning their own yarn for quite some time.)

Enter Lynne Vogel.

Even seven years later, this book is still pretty mind-blowing. Start off with the idea of being able to dye whatever color you want. Mixing colors, making up combinations that no commercial manufacturer is going to put together. Here, you get step by step instructions on how to apply color to fiber.

Then, there’s the spinning. Why start with yarn that somebody else made? Get a spindle and make your own! Pull it out while standing on line at the bank. Fill up free moments by making yarn. It’s easy! And here you have instructions for that.

Of course, you need to do something with your yarn, so how about socks? There’s nothing quite like handmade socks that fit exactly you. And if you make them out of yarn that you colored yourself, spun yourself, and knitted yourself?

Well! Not only do you have something completely unique but you’ve just connected yourself to generations of forebears who did this sort of thing out of necessity, to make something beautiful and useful.

Who knew that something so old could be new again?

Oh yeah. Lynne Vogel knew.

The instructions are clear throughout the book, and the illustrations are not only attractive but useful. And the whole thing is written with enthusiasm. Even if you don’t expect to follow all the steps, (I have yet to dye any of my own fiber), it’s still a good and useful book. Not to mention fun. There were spinning books that came before this, of course, and there have been plenty of dyeing, spinning, and sock books that have come since (plenty!), but this was unique and new and it started something.

Thanks, Lynne. I know I’m grateful!

This book is available at Amazon.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

My Gush:Mind-blowing. When I saw this book, I had honestly never thought that I COULD spin my own yarn, or to make socks from it.

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