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Review: New Knits on the Block


First, the facts:

Title: New Knits on the Block

Author: Vickie Howell

Published by: Sterling Publishing Company, 2005

Pages: 120

Type: Patterns for kids.


(No actual chapters, just the patterns.)

New Knits on the Block

Pattern Size Range: Kid-sized

The In-Depth Look:

If only I had children!

This book is filled with delightful, fun, playful, whimsical patterns that just about any child would love to have someone knit for them.

A bath set made out of a pirate’s bandanna, eyepatch, flag, and parrot. A mermaid’s costume. A Superhero cape. Crowns. Magic hats. A toolbelt for an aspiring handyman.

So. Many. Fun. Things.

The very best part about this book is that it fuels the imagination–of the child, and of the knitter. Tired of boring sweaters? Stuck in sock doldrum? Eyes crossed at complicated lace patterns?

What could be more entertaining than knitting something quick, colorful, and playful for a child? Talk about refreshing. Primary colors. Creative shapes. Nothing boring here. The patterns are exactly what a knitter inflicted with ennui needs to light that spark of creativity. Because, those costumes and playful bits and pieces may be too small for us to wear, but that doesn’t make them any less FUN.

(And, so what if they’re sized for little people. Are you really going to let that stop you? Who says these can’t be resized so Mom can play, too?)

Really, I can’t think of a bad thing to say about this book. The photos are cheery and descriptive. The patterns are truly creative.

My only regret is that I don’t have any kids to play Pretend with.

This fun book is available from Amazon.com.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

My Gush: Seriously, I just wish I had two-legged kids to make some of these for. An adorable book.

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