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Review: The Knitter’s Book of Yarn


First, the facts:

Title: Knitter’s Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn

Author: Clara Parkes

Published by: Potter Craft, 2007

Pages: 256

Type: Patterns and all you want to know about yarn


1. Fiber Foundations
2. Making Yarn
3. Ply Me a River
4. Putting it All Together

Knitter's Book of Yarn

Pattern Size Range: Wide variety, to go with a wide variety of patterns

The In-Depth Look:

So, picture this: You’re a knitter. (I didn’t say this was going to be difficult.)

As a knitter, or crocheter, or anybody who uses yarn, you already know how important it is to match the right kind of yarn with your projects. Designs meant for flowing Alpaca won’t work with unresilient cotton. Designs meant for cotton might stretch out in wool. But … WHY?

But even beyond that, the way the yarn is spun and plied can make a difference to how it works, acts, and (most importantly) wears over time. How the yarn was treated. What kind of dye was used. What kind of fibers are blended together.

All important stuff to know, and with this book, it’s easy, because it’s all collected in one place. Clara has been doing some of the most thorough yarn reviews you could ask for at Knitter’s Review for years now, and there’s no question she knows her material. Certainly she’d be the person I’d ask if I had questions!

Then, once she’s discussed the types, methods, fibers, and processes that all contribute to any skein of yarn you might have in your hand? Then there are patterns. (Because what’s the use of knowing all these tasty facts about yarn if you don’t have anything to do with them?)

There is a very nice variety in the patterns, here, a little of everything. Adult sweaters. Baby sweaters. Shawls. Gloves. Scarves. Headbands. Socks. Blankets. All nice, classy kinds of patterns–nothing too weird or too trendy–and there’s realy not a clunker in the bunch. They are sorted by the type of yarn that is best for that pattern, and come with all those nice extras, like schematics and detail photos. The designers are practically a Who’s Who of great designers: Adrian Bizilia, Cat Bordhi, Teva Durham, Jack Erickson-Schweitzer, Norah Gaughan, Amie Gavin Glasgow, Jennifer Hagan, Bess Haile, Lana Hames, Shelia January, Amy King, Elanor Lynn, Tara Jon Manning, Gina Wilde, Margaret Klein Wilson.

This excellent book is available from Amazon.com.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

My Gush: Wonderfully informative, and with some great patterns to round it out.

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