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Juniper Moon Farm Yarn

I wanted to tell you that my favorite fiber farm (Juniper Moon Farm, run by Susan Gibbs) is just launching a commercial yarn like from KFI. She actually had the very first yarn-CSA in the country, back when she was still on Martha’s Vineyard, and works very hard with her flock. I haven’t seen these yarns yet in person, but having known her and her products for years now, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be anything less than wonderful.

If nothing else, visiting Susan’s blog to see all the newborn baby lambs is worth the trip. (Not to mention the THREE Lambcams for watching all the bouncy, sproingy adorableness.)

Here’s her announcement of the yarn line, featuring Willa the merino/mohair blend. Then there’s Chadwick, which is merino/alpaca and sounds wonderful. And Findley, this luscious wool/silk blend.

There’s also a flyer, convenient for printing to bring to your favorite LYS, in case you wanted to help spread the word.

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