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Review: Knitted Lace


First, the facts:

Title: Knitted Lace: A Collection of Favorite Designs from Interweave

Author: Ann Merrow

Published by: Interweave Press, 2011

Pages: 159

Type: Pattern collection.


No chapters, just patterns

Knitted Lace

The In-Depth Look:

This is not a book of original patterns, but is instead a collection of 25 of some of the best lace patterns from the last however-many years of Interweave Knits.

They’re lovely patterns, too. (I’ve even knitted one or two myself.) It’s nice to see them gathered together in one place, but still–if you have a collection of Interweave Knits issues, you have these patterns already. In fact, each pattern is helpfully labelled with the exact issue where it first appeared.

Judging by the patterns I’m most familiar with (i.e., that I knit and therefore looked at quite a lot for a few weeks), the photos with each pattern are the same as appeared in the magazine.

I’m not really sure what else to say. I like the book, I like the collection, and the patterns are wonderful.

Which patterns, you ask? Good question!

  • Seine Scarf by Ann Budd
  • Simply Lovely Lace Socks by Karen Baumer
  • Oneshot Lace Hat by Hana Jason
  • Arctic Diamonds Stole by Donna Druchunas
  • Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
  • Teardrop Scarves by Celeste Culpepper
  • Isis Wrap by Kathleen Power Johnson
  • Slanting Plaid Stole by Rachel Erin
  • Fountain Pen Shawl by Susan Pierce Lawrence
  • Indigo Ripples Skirt by Kat Coyle
  • Victoria Tank by Veronik Avery
  • Fairy Tale Scarf by Sarah Swett
  • Spiral Boot Socks by Veronik Avery
  • Forest Path Stole by Faina Letoutchaia
  • Apres Surf Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio
  • Luminarie Skirt by Annie Modesitt
  • Facing Lilies Stole by Nancy Bush
  • Qiviuk Webs Tam & Scarf by Gayle Roehm
  • Paisley Lace Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
  • Oriel Lace Blouse by Shirley Paden
  • Wakame Lace Tunic by Angela Hahn
  • Dorflinger Tee by Mandy Moore
  • Bleeding Hearts Stole by Anne Hanson
  • Scribble Lace by Debbie New
  • Bettie’s Lace Stockings by Hana Jason

I think you’ll agree that it’s a great collection, huh? And convenient to have them all in one place–even if I already had most of them in my pile of Interweave Knits issues.

Curious yet? You can get your copy here at Amazon.com.
Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by Interweave Press. Thank you!

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