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Review: Spin Knit Fall 2011

First, the facts:

Title: Spin Knit: Fiber, Needles, Spindle, Wheel

Published by: Interweave Press, 2011

Pages: 24 articles

Type: E-Magazine

The In-Depth Look:

Another great emagazine from Interweave Press. I’ve mentioned before how impressed I’ve been with their emags, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Details about this issue of SpinKnit:

  • 10 Videos—plus an extra video of sweet lambs on the last page.
  • 10 Slide shows that capture the essence of the craft (and allow you to zoom in to see detail).
  • Traditional Textiles: You’ll travel to the Tribal Textile Treasures retreat with spinning instructor Judith MacKenzie in Forks, Washington to learn how the Makah and Quileute people create fiber from red cedar bark. There’s also a journey to Chiapas, Mexico with Interweave founder Linda Ligon to learn about some of the most cherished sheep in the world.
  • Spindle Love: Weaver, spinner, and teacher Sara Lamb recounts her journey from wheel-only spinner to spindle aficionado—and the joy of a teacher in learning something new. Tom Forrester gives a tour of his studio to show what it takes to create not only beautiful spindles, but highly efficient ones at that.
  • Wool, Worldwide: Meet the Bond sheep of Lyons, Colorado. Though these sheep originated in Australia, the Gleasons imported a few sheep and started a herd in the Rocky Mountains. Travel to the northern Bristish Isles to the small cluster of Orkney Islands to see a rare breed of sheep, the North Ronaldsays. Learn about the breed’s origins, why they are still valued in modern times, and how to use their rare wool for spinning and knitting.
  • Spinning to Knit: Jacey Boggs teaches the skill of tailspinning, a technique that builds one or more layers on an already-spun yarn. This creates a funky, feathery, softly textured yarn that knits up into perfect cuffs for mitts. In the accompanying video, Jacey demonstrates how to tailspin and offers tips for tailspinning success.
  • Patterns: Copper Cowl by Sara Lamb. Bond Bon-Bon Bowler hat by Susan Z. Douglas (adapted for SpinKnit by Judy Alexander). Tailspun Mittens by Jacey Boggs. Pilaster Socks by Debbie O’Neill.
  • Where can you get it? You can buy your copy here.

    This review copy was kindly donated by Interweave Press. Thank you!

    My Gush: Another great issue.

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