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New and Upcoming Books, December 2011

Here are some new and upcoming books to get excited about, in no particular sequence. Some are out already, some still have a bit of a wait, but the list sure is inspiring!

(Honestly, I posted them as I found them instead of sorting them in any way so it’s as random as I can make it–though I’ll admit to putting a couple Christmas-themed books near the top. Also, I didn’t post any recent books that I’ve already reviewed. You can check those out in the Knitting Scholar archives.)

Mini Christmas Knits

Knits to Give

55 Christmas Balls to Knit


Circular Knitting Workshop

Knit Noro: Accessories

Knitting with the Color Guys

Finishing School by Deborah Newton

The Knitter’s Life List

Classic Elite Quick Knits

Principles of Knitting

Textured Stitches (Review coming soon)


Custom Knit Jackets

Knitting Scarves from around the World

Beyond Toes

A Handknit Romance

Folk Socks (Updated edition) (Review coming soon)

Knits for Nerds

Norwegian Mittens and Gloves

Knitting Around the World

Vogue Knitting

Ultimate Mittens

Stashbuster Knits (Review coming soon)

60 More Quick Knits

Knit Local

My Grandmother’s Knitting

Aran Knits

Knitting Pleats

Kim Hargreaves’ Vintage Designs to Knit

Gothic Knits

Deep South Knitting

If you know of any books that are coming up that are not on the list, please drop me a comment. Though, of course, this list is not meant to be complete, so I’m sure there are plenty missing.

(And, please, if you’re thinking of buying any of these books, please consider using the links here at Knitting Scholar–I’ll get a couple dollars from Amazon.com to go toward the cost of this site. My grateful thanks go with every order!)

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