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Review: Deep South Knitting


First, the facts:

Title: Deep South Knitting

Author: Beth Moriarty

Published by: Planet Purl Press, 2011

Pages: 154

Type: Patterns


1. West Virginia
2. Kentucky
3. Virginia
4. Tennessee
5. Arkansas
6. Louisiana
7. Mississippi
8. Alabama
9. North Carolina
10. South Carolina
11. Florida
12. Georgia

KS: Deep South Knitting

The In-Depth Look:

I admit, when I think “knitting,” the first geographic area that comes to mind is not the Deep South. I mean, it gets hot down there, right? I think iced tea and mint juleps. Ice cream socials. And, you know, LIGHT clothing. I don’t usually think about what they’d need to knit.

Which just goes to show what a short-sighted Yankee I am, because obviously Southern knitters are just as talented and motivated as their northern counterparts. Even more so, perhaps, since they need more creativity in finding things to knit they can use without sweltering, while those of us who get snow (usually) for several months of the year have no trouble thinking of needed handknits.

The author says, “This collection features 16 of my own designs, inspired by the history, native plants, architecture and flowers (lots of flowers) that define ‘Southern’ for me. We are fortunate to have contributions from 9 other Deep South designers who have created projects inspired by their hometowns. … If you can’t make it down to our neck of the woods for a visit, doing a little Southern cooking of your own might just be the next best thing. I’ve included a dozen of my favorite regional recipes to give you a true ‘taste’ of the South. So put on the kettle, get comfy and plan to stay for a while.’

As to the patterns, there’s a nice variety–sweaters, scarves, fingerless gloves, pillows, skirts. An assortment of things, even a tea cozy. (And the point about needing handknits to counteract extreme air conditioning is an excellent point.)

All of them are beautifully photographed–because the pictures are beautiful. You not only get to see the knits, you get atmosphere. Truly lovely to look at.

The recipes are charming, too. There’s the almost requisite mint julep, along with sweet tea, red velvet cake, peach cobbler, cornbread, plantains, and more.

All in all, this is a lovely book. It’s pretty to look at and filled with nice things to knit and yummy things to eat. What more could you ask for, really? You should check it out!

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by the author. Thank you!

My Gush: Like a long, cold drink.

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