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Review: Phoebe’s Birthday


First, the facts:

Title: Phoebe’s Birthday

Author: Joanna Johnson
Illustrator: Eric Johnson

Published by: Slate Falls Press, 2012

Pages: 45

Type: Picture book with patterns

KS: Phoebe's Birthday

The In-Depth Look:

Well, they’ve done it again.

Just like Phoebe’s Sweater and Freddie’s Blanket before, this husband and wife team have produced another little picture book of perfection.

It’s got three main elements that make it wonderful.

1. A sweet children’s story about little mouse Phoebe (returning from the first book) on vacation at the beach, learning to swim just in time for her sixth birthday. It’s simple and sweet and just charming.

2. Absolutely wonderful illustrations with so much detail. I’ve seriously sat and just poured over them, absorbing all the cute little touches–like the chess game going on at the top of the shelf at the yarn shop. They’re just as wonderful as the prior two books.

3. Patterns. Knitting patterns to duplicate Phoebe’s Sun Romper or Sun Tunic, the party dress her Grandmother knits for her, and her knitted headband. As well as a quilt pattern for her Spool quilt and a sewing pattern for her frankly adorable Mermouse doll.

Yes, you could say that I’m a fan. Each of the three books produced by Slate Falls Press (created solely by the authors so they can produce these books), has been unique and charming. Even with the knitting/sewing patterns at the back, the stories and illustrations are wonderful–but when you add them? You’ve got something special you can read with your kids and then make them something real and cozy to bring the story further to life. It’s not just a picture book and it’s not just a knitting book–it’s something special, and done really, really well.

You can get your copy at Amazon.com, in your local book or yarn shop, or you can get signed copies through the author’s site.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by the authors. Thank you!

My Gush: Just as endearing as the first two.

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