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Review: Northern Knits Gifts


First, the facts:

Title: Northern Knits Gifts: Thoughtful Projects Inspired by Folk Traditions

Author: Lucinda Guy

Published by: Interweave Press, 2012

Pages: 127

Type: Patterns


Not chapters so much as a listing of patterns

KS: Northern Knits Gifts

The In-Depth Look:

Like her earlier book, Northern Knits, this book takes its inspiration from the folk traditions of northern countries with strong knitting traditions. Only this time, it’s all about making gifts.

Things to wear like scarves, mittens, socks, slippers, hats–as well as a sweater or two. Also things for your house, like a blanket or a pillow or an (adorable) door stop. Even a doll.

Like before, the knitting techniques are varied–fair isle, twined knitting, lace. It makes for a wide range of possibilities if you’re looking for new techniques to try, or just to have something different to do.

I like this book. The designs are creative and attractive, with folk-style touches to make them special–these aren’t just any old pair of mittens for a holiday gift. They’re fun and reminiscent of the old classics, the old-world kind of styles that you don’t see much anymore and that aren’t exactly daily wear … unless the style is captured in a festive scarf or a hat for those cold winter days. Accessories that can add flair to an outfit. Gifts that are truly special, not just the same-old handknits. Because, sadly, there are people who don’t necessarily gift hand-knitted gifts the respect and admiration they deserve … but these? These patterns would make some really wonderful gifts. (Like that red-and-white twined scarf? If anybody wants to make me one, that would be really great.)

I really rather love this book. I bet you will, too. Be sure to take a look!

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  • Chloe January 14, 2013, 9:34 pm

    I was so glad you liked this book, especially after I had just read a negative review of it on Amazon. (No accounting for taste, huh?) I also loved that red and white scarf but am unlikely to ever make it although I, too, would be happy to accept it as a gift. Was interested in making the Marna cape, however, although much shorter (because I am short!) . We’ll see. Thanks to your review, it’s a possibility!

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