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Review: Hat Couture/Fresh Design Mittens & Gloves


First, the facts:

Title: Hat Couture

Author: Theressa Silver

Published by: Cooperative Press, 2013

Pages: 54

Type: Strictly patterns

The In-Depth Look:

Because sometimes you just want a hat, and other times you want a hat that makes a statement, that’s fun, that’s playful and eye-catching.

The author writes, “Up until just the last few decades, hats were staples in a woman’s wardrobe, and for good reason. The transformative power of a hat is truly amazing. When a woman chooses just the right hat and puts it on she becomes the person she envisioned herself to be. … A woman who knows how to wear a hat can flirt and be coy or be brash and powerful, knowing that all eyes are on her. A hat is whatever statement you want it to be. It can turn the ordinary into an occasion, and an occasion into the extraordinary.”

This book of 14 patterns are of the playful, attention-grabbing type. Each pattern is named for a star whose sense of style is being captured–Jackie Kennedy, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, and so on. They come with instructions not only for the knitting, but also for making the embellishments to go with the hats (a feature which a lot of knitting books skimp on).

Available from Cooperative Press (digital or print).

Want to see pictures? Click here.

FDMittens Cover

First, the facts:

Title: Fresh Design Mittens and Gloves

Designs by: Anna Dalvi, Ellen Boucher, Laura Nelkin, Laura Patterson, Rebecca Blair, Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, Sara Peterson, Sarah Eyre, Sarah Wilson, Sharon Fuller.

Edited by: Shannon Okey

Published by: Cooperative Press, 2013

Pages: 55

Type: Strictly Patterns

The In-Depth Look:

Part of the “Fresh Design” series of books from Cooperative Press, this ebook brings 10 patterns of gloves and mittens from a group of ten talented designers. They cover a range of single-color, multi-color, mitten, gloves, fingerless gloves, simple to complicated.

This book can be found at Cooperative Press (digital only for now).

Want to see pictures? Click here.

These review copies were kindly donated by Cooperative Press. Thank you!

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