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Review: Cascadia

Pages from Cascadia_v1.0

First, the facts:

Title: Cascadia

Author: Amanda Milne and Fiona McLean of KnitSocial

Published by: Cooperative Press, 2013

Pages: 108

Type: Patterns


Not so much chapters as a list of patterns.

The In-Depth Look:

Living on the east coast of North America, I confess that I’ve never really given that much thought to the Pacific Northwest. I mean, I’ve heard it’s lovely, but other than thinking in a vague kind of way that it would be nice to visit someday, it hasn’t shown up much on my personal radar. (Sorry, West Coast.)

That said, these eleven patterns are cozy and comfy in a way that makes visiting sound eminently appealing. Sweaters, mostly, but some wraps and socks as well. They’re all “livable” patterns–the kind you’d reach for over and over, every day, rather than something you’d only pull out of the drawer once in a while.

I thought it was a nice touch, too, that each designer gets a page of introduction to go along with the actual pattern, rather than being relegated to a few thumbnails at the back of the book. (Though, for a couple of them, I wanted to know about the knits they were wearing in their photos … but, presumably, I can track down any of those designs on my own later on.)

All in all, a nice collection of practical, attractive knitwear–along with some really lovely scenery. Maybe I’ll need to sharpen up some of those vague future vacation plans.

This book can be purchased at Cooperative Press.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by Cooperative Press. Thank you!

My Gush: Cozy and comfortable.

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