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Paralleloghan Pattern

Because a girl’s got to toot her own horn once in a while, I’m proud to take this moment to tell you that my latest afghan pattern is up for sale over at Ravelry.


The afghan is knitted out of Juniper Moon Farm Herriot because that amazingly soft yarn was just crying out to be a blanket. I didn’t want to do something ordinary with it, though, so I played and sketched and experimented and swatched and ended up with this — a slightly crazy collection of blocks that are parallelograms instead of rectangles, chevrons that don’t quite want to be angled chevrons, but that don’t want to lie in right angles and straight lines, either. There are diagonal accent lines to add definition, but instead of using one color for the entire afghan, the accents themselves change from dark to light as they work across the afghan. In other words, there’s a lot going on, but that’s good, because it means putting this together is never boring. I’m incredibly proud of it!


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  • sprite April 14, 2014, 6:35 pm

    Looks lovely!

  • Sam April 15, 2014, 9:49 am

    It’s gorgeous!

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