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Review: 52 Timeless Toys to Knit


First, the facts:

Title: 52 Timeless Toys to Knit

Author: Chris de Longpre

Published by: Timeless Knits Publications, 2014

Pages: 158

Type: Patterns, toys


Down Under
Midnight Sun

KS: 52 Timeless Toys to Knit

The In-Depth Look:

It’s hard to resist a collection of cute, knitted toys … so why bother? Because this collection of 52 toys is adorable. Birds, fish, mammals … creatures from the whole world are included–something for everyone.

The author writes at the beginning:

“Welcome to my happy place! I’d like to share with you the joy I feel every time I create a knitted toy. If you’ve never knitted a toy, you may be wondering why anyone would. Let me challenge you to make just one knitted toy from this collection. I think you’ll be surprised by the fun you will have as its personality emerges. It is amazing to me that, in this age of computerized and battery-powered toys that move, light up, and make sounds, my humble folk toys have enchanted the children in my life (and the grownups, too). There is no end to the smiles they elicit and the imaginative play they inspire.”

Who can resist a challenge like that?

The book begins with a “Read me first” section which talks about yarns and stuffing types, and embroidery stitches you’ll need for details. It also gives instructions for what she calls the “Basic Bottom” which is used on many of the toys throughout the book. All in all, it’s a playful collection. (Ha! Playful … for toys … funny … ahem.) Seriously, the details are clever and well-chosen and the toys themselves look ready to have a good time … which is kind of the point, isn’t it?

You can get this book from Amazon or from the publisher.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by the author. Thank you!

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