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Review: Adventures in Mochi-Mochi Land


First, the facts:

Title: Adventures in Mochi-Mochi Land

Author: Anna Hrachovec

Published by: Potter Craft, 2015

Pages: 143

Type: Playful toys


Well, stories more than chapters:

The Hungry Donut
The Underwater Election
The Lighthearted Lovers

KS: Mochi-Mochi Land

The In-Depth Look:

One thing you can always depend on with Anna Hrachovec is that her books are going to be filled with cuteness and creativity, and this one is no exception.

This time, the book starts with three adorable little stories–The Hungry Donut, The Underwater Election, and The Lighthearted Lovers. The stories, naturally, are illustrated with the cute, miniature knits that make up this little world. They’re bright and fun and colorful and just … cute!

And silly. Let’s not forget the wacky silliness of them, which is a huge part of their charm.

After the stories, though, are the patterns–25 designs you can make, with the introduction: “Now that you’ve heard my incredible stories, maybe you think I’m the one full of gas. Well, if you say I’m lying, then I challenge you to knit the characters yourself and see what strange adventures happen.”

The beauty of this format is that, just like Joanna Johnson‘s picture books, this hits two really great notes–it’s got fun, playful stories to read for yourself or to share with your kids, and then it follows up with knitting patterns so you can “play along at home.”

A winning combination, if you ask me.

You can get Anna’s book at Amazon.com or at your local gift shop … just don’t be surprised when the adventures start happening!

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by Potter Craft. Thank you!

My Gush: Fun as always

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