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Review: Free Spirit Knits


First, the facts:

Title: Free Spirit Knits: 20 Knitted Garments and Accessories Inspired by the Southwest

Author: Anne Podlesak

Published by: Interweave Press, 2015

Pages: 143

Type: Patterns


No chapters, just a list of patterns

KS: Free Spirit Knits

The In-Depth Look:

This is a nice, straight-forward pattern book. Except for a few technique pages at the back, the entire thing is made up of the patterns so you can dive right in with your knitting.

What kind of patterns? Well, the inspiration is right there in the title–the Southwest of the United States.

The author says at the beginning, “The high desert area of the southwestern United States encompasses many different types of gorgeous vistas–from mountains to arroyos to mesas to valleys. This area has inspired many different types of artistic creations, including jewelry and pottery from the local Native American artisans, as well as the painted works of Georgia O’Keefe.”

As you might expect, then, the colors and designs are all inspired by the Southwest’s wide-sky and vivid color. The offerings are mostly sweaters and wraps, but there is at least one pair of socks, a hat, and a few things to keep your neck warm, too.

The book’s vision is clear, and the back of the book says it best: combining the beauty of the high desert with a sense of play and adventure.

You can find this book in your local LYS or buy it at Amazon.com.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by Interweave Press. Thank you!

My Gush: Vivid and relaxing knits, like the region that inspired it.

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