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Review: The Knitted Hat Book


First, the facts:

Title: The Knitted Hat Book: 20 Knitted Beanies, Tams, Cloches, and More

Edited by: Interweave Knits

Published by: Interweave Knits, 2016

Pages: 127

Type: Hat patterns


No Chapters, just a list of patterns

KS: Knitted Hats

The In-Depth Look:

Just like it says on the cover, this book is full of knitted hat designs. Twenty of them, suitable for women (all of them) and men (some of them).

It’s an editorial collection–brought together by the publisher, rather than from the mind of a single author, but the designers are all top-notch: Meghan Babin, Rachel Coopey, Faina Goberstein, Tanis Gray, Melissa LaBarre, Annie Rowden, Courtney Spainhower, Melissa Thomson, Robin Ulrich, Alexis Winslow, and Heather Zoppetti.

Not surprisingly, they’re all good designs. While they run the gamut of beanies to tams to cloches and so on, they’re mostly all close-to-the-head styles. One or two have a little more room built in for decorative draping or slouching, and the silhouettes vary a bit, but (from a personal perspective) none of them would really suit my own head of curls–close fitting hats make my hair puff out at the bottom and always look fairly ridiculous unless I have my hair pinned or braided back. There are only two designs in this otherwise nice book that would look remotely good on me … but then, that’s a persistent problem for me with knitted hats. I need a little width in the brim to balance the curls below and knitted hats almost never have brims–an unfortunate oversight, I think, since I wear hats as much to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my face as to keep my head warm.

I’m getting off point, though. The twenty designs here are good knitted hat designs. There are color and stitch patterns to play with and plenty of details to add interest.

It’s a good collection, and you should check it out over at Amazon.com.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by Interweave Press. Thank you!

My Gush: A nice collection.

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