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Review: My Knitted Doll

2016-10-17 001

First, the facts:

Title: My Knitted Doll: Knitting Patterns for 12 adorable dolls and over 50 garments and accessories

Author: Louise Crowther

Published by: D&C (David and Charles), 2016

Pages: 127

Type: Knitted dolls


Tools and Materials
Making the Dolls

KS: My Knitted Doll

The In-Depth Look:

How many ways are there to say adorable?

Because this book is filled with Adorable.

Twelve dolls (11 girls, 1 boy), all with their unique style, starting with their hair and going to their clothes, their toys, and they’re general approach to life. (If dolls had an approach to life, of course–which heaven knows mine always did.)

Each doll is basically the same in terms of size and shape–heads, bodies, feet, hands are all the same, but after that … skin color, hair style and length all vary, as does the footwear, outfits, and accessories.

Each doll has a certain base which includes (for some) things like tights, shoes, and underwear, but accessories like dresses, hats and bags abound, and since the basic structure of each doll is the same, anything is interchangeable, letting you personalize anything you want to the child due to receive the doll. (Or, you know, you if you (ahem) felt the need to try out one first before moving on to a gift for a child.)

It’s a sweet book, filled with happy little faces ready to play. What’s not to love?

You can get your copy from Amazon.com or check your local store.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by David and Charles (an imprint of F&W Media). Thank you!

My Gush: This book is adorable.

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