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Review: Drop-Dead Easy Knits

Review: Drop-Dead Easy Knits post image

Nobody ever said "easy" had to be "boring." Or that it had to be geared toward absolute beginners ... because, here's the thing. Beginners need challenges, and experts need a chance to relax.

Review: Yarnitecture

Review: Yarnitecture post image

First, the facts: Title: Yarn-i-tec-ture: A Knitter's Guide to Spinning: Building Exactly the Yarn You Want Author: Jillian Moreno Published by: Storey Publishing, 2016 Pages: 239 Type: Spinning Chapters: 1. The Blueprint: Yarn Vision 2. The Foundation: Sheep Breeds and Beyond 3. The Frame: Fiber Preparations 4. The Walls: Drafting 5. The Roof: Plying 6. [...]

New and Upcoming Books, 2016

New and Upcoming Books, 2016 post image

Since summer is just about over and Fall and Winter are coming ... now seems a good time to point out some great recent books that I haven't had a chance to review.

Review: Urban Knit Collection

Review: Urban Knit Collection post image

It's the architecture that inspired these patterns, and the idea of travel that shapes the structure of the book.

Review: A Hat for Mrs Goldman

Review: A Hat for Mrs Goldman post image

I would have loved it as a kid and it makes me smile now, too.

Review: Weekend Wraps

Review: Weekend Wraps post image

They say in their introduction that they started with the questions: "What would you want to make over a weekend, if you could really just spend a few days relaxing and knitting? What would you want to wear on an autumn weekend away?"

Review: Rugged Knits

Review: Rugged Knits post image

This book is filled with designs--mostly for women, but for men, too--that can be knitted and worn regularly, without fuss.

Review: New Heights in Lace Knitting

Review: New Heights in Lace Knitting post image

The author says, "I think of this book as a knitter's approach to the seven summits. It is proverbial mountain climbing for lace knitters who are adventurous; delighted by the basics, yet yearning for more."

Review: Cable Left Cable Right post image

First, the facts: Title: Cable Left Cable Right: Twists and turns to take your knitting in a whole new direction Author: Judith Durant Published by: Storey Publishing Pages: 216 Type: Cable stitch patterns Chapters: 1. Cable Basics 2. Simple Cables 3. Angles and Curves 4. Braids and Pretzels 5. Fillers, Ribbings, and Allover Patterns 6. [...]

Review: Modern Baby Knits

Review: Modern Baby Knits post image

The projects are all stylish--not always a word you think of when describing things for soft, cuddly, little people.

Review: Crochet One-Skein Wonders for Babies post image

How can you resist all this cuteness? (Hint: You can't; don't even try.)

Review: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns post image

It's about time, frankly, that someone put together a book this good, this thorough, and this useful for pattern writing.

Review: Highland Knits

Review: Highland Knits post image

It's true that the OUTLANDER series is a huge hit--and why not? A sexy time-travel romance with Highland flair and great knitwear ... what's not to love?


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