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Writing Services

We’re all busy, right?

Some people might think that playing with yarn is an easy business, we know better. It might look soft, but nothing will make you feel twisted faster than the tangle your To Do list makes the minute you blink.

Maybe writing content for your blog, your sales pieces, and your website is keeping you from your “real” work–the yarn and wool and fiber that brought you into this field in the first place.

Or, maybe you just need someone to help clean up the things you’ve written because you know exactly what you want to say, just not exactly how to say it.

Well, I can help.

Hire someone who knows your audience to help you spin your sales pieces so you can ply your trade. You already know how much I love knitting. Let me show you how much I love writing, too.

Writing Services and Skills:

  • Catchy blog entries and web content
  • Informative SEO/keyword articles
  • Eye-stopping copy for sales/promotional materials.
  • Solid web pages to strengthen your online presence
  • Second-Look Services: Proof-reading, editing, and critiquing for your writing
  • Rewrite services for copy that isn’t as sharp as it could be
  • How-tos with clear, step-by-step explanations
  • Brochures, Flyers, Postcards … that kind of thing.

Naturally, everything comes with an excellent grasp of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and a light, conversational style that keeps your readers interested. Who knows? Maybe with the pesky writing taken out of your hands, you can finally find time for that vacation you’ve been putting off? Or just some more time with your knitting?

If you have a job to be done, or any questions, please contact me. You can see samples of my writing not only here in the archives, but also at Punctuality Rules, my writing site and Dabbling Birch which is where my freelancing business lives.

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