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Review: Modern Baby Knits

2016-05-08 001

First, the facts:

Title: 3 Skeins of Less: Modern Baby Knits: 23 Knitted Baby Garments, Blankets, Toys, and More!

Author: Tanis Gray

Published by: Interweave Press, 2016

Pages: 128

Type: Baby knits


No chapters, just a list of patterns

KS: Modern Baby Knits

The In-Depth Look:

Tanis Gray doesn’t disappoint. She always puts together creative and fun collections that make you look at knitting in a different way, and this one is no exception.

Oh, it seems simple enough. Modern Baby Knits is a collection of things for babies (and toddlers). Twenty-three of them, things to wear, cuddle, or play with. All helpfully using three skeins or less of yarn, making them all fairly quick and easy to knit together.

What’s not to love?

The nice thing, though, is that the projects are all stylish–not always a word you think of when describing things for soft, cuddly, little people. They’re simple and functional as suits the age group, but they have unique colors or asymmetrical shapes. Things to keep it interesting for Mom, while practical for the kids who will be wearing them.

Tanis says in the introduction that she “is a firm believer that babies and children should live their lives in comfortable handknits. The label ‘handmade’ regarding knits for children is often confused with ‘fussy’ and ‘finicky’ and implies tiny gauge and a pastel palette, when that doesn’t have to be the case. This book is designed with both the knitter and the wearer in mind, chock-full of designs that are easy to knit and have fuss-free finishes, bright colors, easy-care fibers, and modern silhouettes that little ones want to wear.”

Which, you know, is pretty much what I just said. It’s so nice when the designer and I are on the same page … and in this case, it’s a cheerful, adorable page indeed.

You can check out this book at Amazon.com or look for it in your local shop!

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by Interweave Press. Thank you!

My Gush: Stylish and cute.

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